Tim Intravia
actor/comedian/writer/living statue/cool dude

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Tim will be writing each month about his career for Backstage as part of their Take 5 column, where they follow 5 working actors from around the country. Check it out!

Press for Tim in Oswald:

"The success of the play hinges on the actor playing Oswald, and Intravia pulls it off splendidly....he convincingly captures his intensity and articulate surliness, as well as his beady-eyed, strangely ratlike demeanor"

-Backstage Magazine

"Tim Intravia definitely carries the Richmond Shepard Theatre production as Oswald... Check out Oswald for Intravia’s spot-on performance."


"Tim Intravia as the title character has Oswald down to a tee and he eerily resembles him. Intravia’s work is why you should see this play. Like a young James Dean, Intravia smolders intensity and a inhabits a quiet seething that makes us want to know more about this character."

-Times Square Chronicles

From Busk Till Dawn The Life of an NYC Street Performer at FringeNYC! Click here to buy tickets or visit frombusktilldawn.com

Winner Best One Man Comedy

United Solo Theatre Festival for From Busk Till Dawn about life as a NYC street performer

From Busk Till Dawn is a hilarious, perfectly paced solo effort by Tim Intravia...it never seems as if Intravia is trying to be funny, he just is.”